Weight Loss

A lot of people looking for ways to shed extra fats are faced with tough choices concerning the methods to use. Some opt to use pills based on advertisements and endorsements by celebrities. However, are weight loss pills really effective? According to studies, some are effective, while others are not effective. Moreover, some have been found to be dangerous.

You should note that weight loss supplemenyh3edy37eu28id9i292ts are not subjected to same standards as the prescription drugs. Thus, they are easily sold over-the-counter without any proof of their effectiveness and safety. This explains why it is quite confusing to users how to know, which products are effective.

Are weight loss pills really effective?


Most weight management supplements contains a broad range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and combination of various ingredients, which work in the body. Recent studies show that certain ingredients can aid fat burning process. However, it is hard to determine their effectiveness when they are combined with other ingredients. Thus, before purchasing any product, you should do research and seek advice from your dietician and even physician.

How ingredients work

Many weight loss pills contain certain ingredients, which are marketed to aid temporary shedding of fat. However, some people do not agree whether they aid fat burning. They include:

Bitter Orange

It contains chemicals, which act as stimulants. This explains why it temporarily suppresses your appetite and increases the number of calories burned. It does so by increasing the metabolism rate. However, the chemicals are likely to cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure and irregular heart rate, which lead to heart attack, death, and stroke.


This is a mineral, which helps regulate your insulin levels. This helps build muscle and burn fats. However, it may not decrease a person’s overall body weight.


This is a plant that is similar to cactus. It is known to suppress appetite. However, effectiveness of this plant is yet to be proven.

Garcinia Cambogia

There jmkn3ed6t253edt62y72u82i2is a lot of publicity about this fruit. It is has been found to contain an acid that suppresses appetite, improves mood, and stops production of cortisol. However, much of this information is yet to be verified scientifically by relevant bodies.

How to lose weight

For a person to burn fats, he or she should burn more calories than the amount he or she consumes. These pills help suppress one’s appetite, but not burn fats.