Why Some Employees Fail Drug Tests

urinal for employees

After a night out and waking up to the news that you will be undergoing a urine test the next day, most people do not always have even the slightest idea of what to do. As a result, they are often left looking for weird ways of passing the test, delaying the test, or making funny excuses. Statistics have it that most people failing drug tests do so out of ignorance. Here are, are some reasons most people fail drug/urine tests at work.

Drinking Too Much Water

After overindulging, most people think that taking lots of water can help the dilute drinking water their urine samples. Well, as much as it might reduce the concentration of drugs in your urine, over diluted urine is often not accepted by the medical review team in your company. As such, you will be required to avoid taking water after 10:00 pm for the samples to be of the right threshold. Test urine samples should be of adequate concentrations – they should have a yellowish color.

Using Someone Else’s Urine

Another common mistake made by most people going for a urine test is using another person’s urine. Ideally, urine samples that are tested have the right body temperature. On the other hand, you also expose yourself to failing the test just in case your friend was high on some drugs you didn’t know. For instance, if your friend was high on some hard drugs, you risk having both of you fired.

Not knowing How to Use Their Drug Concealment Product

sample urine for testThe best way to pass a urine drug test especially if you were intoxicated recently is to use a drug concealment product. You need to learn how to use it right or risk spilling the urine all over. Also, being overly nervous can force the sat administering the test to request another sample, which will certainly jeopardize your chances of passing the test. As a tip, practice using these products before going for a test and you will not have any problem.

Using Poor Quality Urine

Besides having a concealment product like the whizzinator, some people make the mistake of using poor quality synthetic urine. Using urine that does not have all the required ingredients of natural urine often means failing the test. As such, it is imperative to do due diligence on your part to ensure you are using the best sample.

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